Hot Chocolate became an obsession of mine ever since my days without a heater. 

Coffee became an obsession of mine ever since 6am workouts. 

Chocolate spoons became an obsession of mine, ever since a package from my mama. 

These guys are a perfect addition to hot chocolate or coffee. A little pep in ya step. 

All you gotta do is melt chocolate, dip spoons, sprinkle with peppermint (left over from this fudge!), let them "nap" in the fridge, then go stir crazy!

You can also make different flavors such as peanut butter chocolate spoons. Imagine that. 

Now i'm takin' my spoons, gonna get me some coffee and get back to studying! Yuck. I mean, yum! 

ps: finally got a heater last week. just lovely.

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