I got crazy this weekend. Blame it on the...finals.

I died dyed. My hair pink.

I tried what people are pinning about and what the tabloids are talkin' about.

ENTER --> neon tips. 

Yes, I'm guilty.

Anyways, everyone is talkin' about the "Color Bug." 

But I don't have $20 to play "temporary" rockstar every now and then, thus temporary Halloween spray (at Christmas time) did the trick. 

LBH (lets be honest) it was fun to try and mix things up, but I probably won't do it again unless a record deal or theme party suddenly come my way. 

But I want you to decide. YAY or NAY?



-Removal from boring hair rut.

-Inexpensive if you go the "costume spray" route...

-Fast and easy.

-Available in tons of colors (found here


-Fun & funny.


-Left my hands pink, oh so pink! 

-Didn't match my outfit... 

-Possibly "man repelling." 

-The fumes might have created the headache I had an hour later? But who's to blame?

shitake mushrooms my ends need a trim!!

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