funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous {peachy keen edition}


-barefoot bikers.

-finals. wahwahwahhh

-my inability to spel.

-hair, post windy day.

-the mental fit i throw when my alarm goes off. 

-the awkward "i know you, but not your name" moment

-the search for an ugly sweater.   

-trend of the week: lunch at 10:30

{coat}lauren moffatt {scarf} gift {top} H&M {leggings} target {leg warmers} H&M {boots} gilt 


-it's december. 

-last week of classes. check. 

-bar works (pilates + ballet)

-christmas shopping from the couch. click. 

-my new friend, siri. 

-seeing friends at the airport.

-Sex & The City reruns.


{head band} lulu lemon {top} wild fox, previously seen here {leggings} target {shoes} nike

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