hello monday.

Happy Monday! All my school work has me at in a creative slump! It's quite depressing. Have no fear, paper will be done in t-minus 3 hours (I'm hoping) and then I can get my creative swagger back on track! 


currently happy about...

-simply sitting in bed all sunday till the LAST possible moment... 

-home. holidays. heat (aka: finally have a heater!)

-my best friend coming to visit!!!!



-to cafe gratitude. It's only seems right, considering thursday is thanksgiving and all :) 

-all around berkeley! Have to show my best friend the local spots. 

-heading over the bridge through the...to San Francisco! 

-walking to my neighborhood coffee spot, as i do every day, sometimes twice a day, for my much needed caffeine fix. 

-road tripping down south to spend the holidays with my family! 

small goals...


-hit up hot yoga. namaste.

-practice semi self control at thanksgiving dinner.  

-go for a run at beach. 

-live in the moment. 

-make sure those around me know how truly thankful i am for them. 


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