rock climbing!

Whoohooo! I finally went indoor rock climbing (key word: indoor) and had to share with y'all! 

I wish I had more pics, but it's kinda hard to snap a foootooo while suspended in the air. But take my word, it is really fun. You and your active self should try it! 

Things I learned climbing a fake rock...

-climbing shoes might just be as fashionable as bowling shoes. 

-like a boy scout, i learned how to tie knots! 

 -you mean that pink tape isn't for decoration? 

-wear leggings instead of shorts...ya know what I mean.  

-ohh and embrace the wedgie...

-some "rocks" are liars...they trick you into thinking they got a grip. 

-want to get someone to confess? just don't let 'em down. 

-yes my friends, i did go swinging across the room. ooops

-damn you rope burn!!! 

-my thighs just loved wearing belts...

-rock climbing = a really good rainy day activity. 

If you're craving to play "Man vs. Wild " this is your answer. It's a great workout, especially for those arms and it's really fun to do with a buddy. 

Ps: You can go rock climbing for about the same OR less than it costs to go to the movies. I promise, you'll like this better. 

 have a grand spankin' day. 

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