The BIG APPLE. My favorite place in the world.

I got to runaway to NYC last weekend to finally visit my sister. To was one of the best weekends of my life. 


In fact, I used the subway and my 2 legs more than taxis, until that one time, in the blizzard...when walking to dinner just wasn't gonna happen. 

ps: this app helped.


My sister and I frolicked about, taking pics beside graffiti, a famous pastime of ours. Funny how you think I'm kidding...


 Accessories and makeup were the theme of the weekend. As usual. 


Pastry hopping.

Definition: deciding to buy a little somethin' somethin' from each bakery in the Chelsea Markets (b/c having to choose just one place would be a crime.) 


Quality time in the Chelsea neighborhood. 


Something bright in the midst of the storm. 

TO SUM IT UP: Sister time, reunions with old friends, making new friends, sample sales, free makeup, thai food, blizzards, coffee, cuddle sessions, 11pm Whole Foods runs, blisters & boots, subways rides, halloween costumes, apartment hunting, book signings, manicures, mid day naps, burrito bowls, chick flicks, and drugstore deals... 

Nowww, I just gotta find a way to move here. 

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