ever think about your food?

 It's no surprise, that I write a lot. A lot of notes, a lot of posts, a lot of tweets, a lot of journaling, simply A LOT. 

It only seemed natural to add food to that list. Starting a food journal was something I had been wanting to do for a while now, not for diet reasons but mostly to become more aware and see if there were any blatant trends going on that I should change...cough cough DRINK MORE WATER. 

Food journaling is something that I will probably keep doing for at least a little longer. I really like it because again, it got me to become more AWARE (case & point: do I really want to write down that extra cookie?). It's easy to get into patterns, especially when it involves food, and journaling has pointed that out, making any adjustments easy. From a training POV it's nice to see how eating patterns correlate with practice and performance. 

So do a little journaling and see for yourself! 

Here's what I noticed... 

-I should add more colors or "tastes like the rainbow." Eggplant, I'm heading after you tonight! 

-My meals are lacking variety. I need to be less boring and eat foods from all over da world!  

-Soooo...mindless snacking is no bueno.  

-I need to drink more water! 

ps: Like anything in life, this only works if you really hold yourself accountable! 

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