Eating: Sweet potato soup, black bean dip & chips for dinner tonight. Anything orange and black, duh! 

Drinking: A pumpkin spice latte. Not finishing it though, it is way too sweet for my liking. 

Doing: Going to practice and class, followed by some festive activities! 

Hoping: I get to the door first...before my neighbors when the little "trick or treaters" come knocking.

Reminiscing...on my childhood Halloween costumes and my trip to NYC this weekend. 

Watching: The first "horror" movie that I can find on "On Demand" tonight. 


So there you have it, not very exciting, it's monday OK,  soooo no comment


ps: can't wait to share with you all the recent "adventures" I've been on :) 

pps: should i wear a costume to spin class? 

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