funky vs. fabulous.

funky vs. fabulous.a day early. grey hood edition. 


turning in the paper (i mean monster) that took all night to write. 

quality time with my dad. 

the chocolate at the bottom of an ice cream cone.

my upcoming 3 day weekend.

dolphins and bubbles. 

a toasted bagel with peanut butter. 

having dinner at the chancellors house.

stepping on leaves. cruchhhh. so satisfying. 

{poncho} sweet romeo {skirt} F21 {boots} thrifted 

{hoddie} gap {leggings} target {shoes} nike

ponchos give you wingssss....[insert redbull voice here] 


talks about interviews, jobs, future. like woahhh. 

getting that midterm back. 

being so tired that sleeping sounds exhausting.

attempting to plan the day around the UPS autograph is much needed.

when the printer runs out of ink at the exact moment you need it.

forgetting the set, during the set. #swimmerproblems. 

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