funky vs. fabulous.

funky vs. fabulous...bright pants edition. 



-When you don't understand/can't pronounce the menu 


-Calling the cable company 

-Really hot soup = BURN! 

-The kid behind you in class who keeps coughing...on you

-Dozing off. Twitch. Yeahhhh everyone saw that. 

{top} Grateful Dead tee {jeans} F21 {shoes} tory burch {bag} gucci {glasses} ray ban

{headband} lulu lemon {sportsbra & pants} target {shoes} nike {top} Grateful Dead tee


-New IPAD! 

-Free parking

-New music

-Avocado with salt 

-Sunny but cold fall days 

-Finding old pictures from the "pre straightener" days

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