pumpkin crunch2Munch.

i like crunch and crunches. 

Thus, it was only natural to make this cereal/snack/topping...whatever you may call it, because of the major crunch factor and pumpkin flavor. I attempted it twice. Round 1, was a fail after trying to cook it to the perfect crispness/getting distracted by company. Persistence wins (in everything) because Round 2 is like Fall in a bowl, or a bag (figuratively...due to risk of suffocation.) 

enjoy my little NOMNOMers. enjoy


{my big batch of goodness} 


{vegan and G-Free} 


{tastes fab with vanilla yogurt} 


{the pumpkin shadows from my window while I was baking} 

find the recipe {here}

good day to ya mates! 

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