hehe halloween.

Yes!! My favorite holiday is quickly approaching and I'm getting ohhh so excited. 

Yesterday I avoided all my laundry and studying and went full force with the decorations. It's officially beginning to look a lot like FALL/a first grade classroom around my place. All I want to do is curl up, watch a movie, and bake.

Sadly, I have midterms and a whole lotta other things preventing me from cloudy day bliss. I'll just enjoy my cheesy decor between practices and study breaks.  

{pumpkin spice candles, seriously friends...the best!} 

{window stickes, since the time I took these pictures, even more have been added} 

{Happy Halloween} 

{flower power in fall colors!} 

{the beginnings of a collaboration of fall recipies} 

{my new little friend}

how do you celebrate Halloween? 

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